I received an offer yesterday from Acadian for a 50 ft permanent row and a 60 ft temporary row for a 42 inc. pipeline. They are figuring the payment in acres not rods. I was offered $18,480 an acre for the permanent and $2,217.60 per acre on the temporary. That seems low to me. Any other people getting offers and what are they.

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The initial offer we got from Acadian worked out to around $450 a rod for both temp and perm. This was about half of what Tiger just paid. So yeah, it's low. You won't get their best offer for several months.
Bacon, our offer works out to arount $400 a rod for both. Do you know what others are getting? That doesn't include the cost of our trees. Our property is covered in large oak trees. After reviewing the map it appears the right of way will also take in the home site on the property. The property has city water and a sewer system.
It depends on the parish. Several people in the Natchitoches parish area only got $17,000.00 an acre. You won't get much more. The farther south they go the less you can expect.
My cousin has property between Alexandria and Lecompte that the Acadian pipeline will cross. Their offer was for $15000 per acre for 50 ft and $1800 for the temp. This totaled $64752, my cousin countered with $80,000. She is spending the money as I write. I don't know what this came out to because the deal changed and Acadian decided to put something else on the ROW, I think it may be some sort of gauging station or something.
My property is in DeSoto parish in the Oxford area. What has others in this area been offered?
We're in the Rambin area -- on 346. We haven't been offered anything yet. Acadian called and wanted to snoop around and will let us know. That was a couple of weeks ago and I haven't heard from them.
how is this pipe line running though desoto parish ?



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