Am new here. Seeking ways to learn how to get a job as a landman

Currently I live near Wichita, KS. I work as a 3 axis cnc router operator cutting out composite/metal panels that are then built into ultra light, ultra tough aircraft cabinetry. My schooling includes two certificates: Machining Technology and Composite Technology so obviously I do know how to use technology to my advantage. Previous job prior to current job was being a 5 & 6 axis cnc machinist. I have heard about the landman jobs and what it requires but where would I get the info I need to get started in this line of work in Kansas? I am from Texas but wouldn't mind working in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. I am more interested in the research aspect than anything else. Ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated. Yes, I know that I will be starting out at the bottom and not afraid to show people that I am willing to do so. Thank you.

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I would say to you don't quit your job. You don't look like you have any experience as an abstractor or landman. I would see stronger job growth in what you do then what I do. To put it bluntly, some don't like the industry that I work for but you are still in good standing. Taking a month long course in becoming a landman would be that much money flushed down the toilet, in my opinion.

I did Title work for a long time.

Two Dogs has been a Landman for a looooong time.  I would take his advice.

There is not much if any growth for the industry.  Tons and tons of landmen are presently looking for jobs.

In the event that you actually ended up with one, you might sincerely wish that you never got it.

Even if you are the most honest person in the world, most people are going to think that you "took" them.  

I had once hoped to work as a landman too.  I actually even got hired as one.  I quit after 4 hours and asked them to just keep their paycheck.

I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am that I quit.

I agree with the Pirate - keep your 'day job', for now.

There are lots of experienced landmen currently looking for work.  And, you would likely have to travel to places other than Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma to keep busy.  

The old adage about WHO you know is particularly accurate when it comes to entry level landman jobs.....

Good Luck, Ted.




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