Presently, NG futures seem to have some sort of embedded psychological support that appears to extend beyond the factoring in of the demands for cooling/heating via weather patterns/usage.  And this seems to be a bit atypical for this time of year, per the recent NG pricing cycles, being as the upside seems to be holding (if one considers a base above $3 as an upside after an earlier drop down from $4 +). 

Maybe the Wall Street banks are basing the market with support per the flashy pricing numbers from earlier this year, being as the storage isn't that atypical.

Or maybe there's some other factor, e.g., the rapid production drop from drilled shale wells and their tendency to flat-line downward . . . skewing the charts . . . that some insider number crunchers are aware of and which is helping support NG prices.

Could be the next six months will help explain the particulars . . . if some sharp insider analyst on GHS isn't able to tip us to an unknown puzzle piece.

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If NG prices were would be more difficult to shut down those coal fired plants...


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