It is my understanding that Encana plans to simultaneously frack these two wells.

Is anyone aware of whether this simultaneous fracking has been attempted anywhere else (Eagle Ford/Haynesville) in the past? 


Or, is this a first time thing?

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The Ash 31 unit will be two wells drilled and completed simultaneously. Hopefully Encana repeats the success of the Anderson wells in the west part of the county.

Question: Do you mean there will be 2 rigs drilling Ash wells at the same time and both wells will be fracked at the same time -  "simultaneously"?  Or, did you mean that one drilling rig will drill 2 wells back to back then they will be fracked back to back-as was done with the Anderson wells. Please clarify "drilled and completed simultaneously". I did hear of a 3rd rig being brought in by Encana soon -but destined for what area of the play? I was hoping they would test the west TMS, near the  Devon Murphy 63 that was just completed this past week. Devon set up 8 storage tanks at the Murphy site , which suggests to me that they anticipate significant production from this W. Feliciana well.

Since both Ash 31H1 and Ash 31H2 are to be drilled from the same pad in Sec. 31, T1N, R2E, surely there will be only one rig at a time on the pad.  

That would preclude a simultaneous drilling and completion. Correct?

Andrew, it appears to me that the Ash 32H 1 & 2 are in the SE portion of Amite County rather than in the west part of the county.

The Ash well's surface locations are in Section 31, Township1 North. Range 2 East.  Said township is the extreme Southwest township in Amite County.  Map available upon request.

What Rasputinmcshagnasty said. Unit encompasses Sections 28, 31, and 40 in T1N-R2E, for a total of 1951 acres, with two wells permitted on the same pad in the center of Section 31.

I was looking at the Goodrich cartoon map, which has the Ash wells erroneously spotted in the SE corner of Amite and the Lawson 25H #1 spotted in the SW corner of Amite.

If you send an email to Goodrich investor relations, they might get someone to correct their map.  Better yet, telephone Mr. Goodrich's personal assistant and explain the mistake to her.


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