It is my understanding that Encana plans to simultaneously frack these two wells.

Is anyone aware of whether this simultaneous fracking has been attempted anywhere else (Eagle Ford/Haynesville) in the past? 


Or, is this a first time thing?

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keep me uptodate on this well

Today I was taken by a local resident to the hill overlooking the Anderson 18H-1 well site.  All of the drilling rig was removed and they were removing the last of the ancillary skids.  The water lines form the Amite River were in place and charged.  No fracking equipment had yet arrived, but there were 6 sand trucks parked along River Road.  We could not get in to see the 17H-1 well site.

I have heard of this simultaneous fracing thing, but am quite skeptical.  These well bores are about 1400 feet apart and my engineering brain cannot grasp cracks promulgating even a fraction of this distance.  However I am not an expert in the subject, but would like to learn more.  I predict they will frac 17 H-1 and move the equipment to 18 H-1 and do it.  BWDIK.

However I have made a contact that plans to visit both site tomorrow and I might get more factual information to share.

That is correct . They are fracking 17H then 18H shortly after that. They are doing micro-seismic on them to see how effective their frack jobs are. This should be helpful for establishing some future well spacing, IMO.

Wow.  The Encana folks were the ones saying the wells would be fracked "simultaneously." Either they changed their mind or just enjoy giving out misinformation.


Regardless, I hope both frack jobs are a huge success.

how is the fracking going today and what is the laetstist from the word on the ground

What is the planned number of fracks on 18H?


It is interesting that these fracks are about 250' apart while the Horseshoe Hill fracks were about 350' apart.

It will be 30 stages as well...... 300' between stages. They will be looking for differences in the micro-seismic signatures between the 17H & 18H to determine the optimum spacing going forward.  

That makes sense, except the other wells (Weyerhaeuser and Horseshoe Hill) were on 350' spacing. 

I wonder if they took seismic readings on these two previous wells, also, for comparison?

If not, then why wouldn't they do one of these wells at 350'?

Could you tell me the name of the service company doing the fracturing on these wells?

Bayou Well Service

Chris, what is the weight of sand that your truck hauls?

How many pounds of sand does your truck haul?


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