can anybody give me any new information on a well #249091 pace 05-14n-16w

sonris is laging

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The first production should be reported by mid-month July.  It usually takes 45 to 75 days from the end of a production month before the reported volume appears in the database.  Yes it used to be more promptly posted and yes, sometimes there is a lag associated with SONRIS but that is to be expected.  Remember all those unnecessary state employees that  some conservative legislators complained about and got rid of through budget cuts?  Well more than a couple worked on SONRIS.  And the Department of Revenue.  And DHH Child Services.  Probably some at the DMV.  I have yet to have anyone point out a state employee that deserved to lose their job or worked at a specific job that was not needed.  Reducing state employees sounds like a good idea to many - until they need the assistance or service that those employees provided. 

Thank you


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