I was curious if anyone knew what was going on with this Petrohawk well. It showed being permitted in July, but no new information is posted. A family member has a small interest. Thanks

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One of the surveyor crews came today and said that they were surveying for section 20 of 17-15. Is there a application for this sec.?
The permit I discussed was in Section 17, T15N, R10W
Correct sequence: section-township-range. Since many members are new to the terminology it's always a good idea to write as John has above or S19-15N-10W. Either way eliminates misunderstandings.
that's what I thought. Thanks
I know of another UMO, with an operator different from yours, who exceeds the 10% number (not by much). So, we now know of two different operators who will tolerate 10% under some circumstances.
Good luck on your well -- I hope it makes the Hall of Fame.
Operators will not let ~10% UMOs stand in way of production. It bears repeating that O&G have a lot of $$$ and lawyers: unless you're a professional and litigation-ready, don't go UMO unless you are left with no alternative. Get as good a lease as you can and be done with it. (again, you might also have royalty payment issues, but UMO production payment issues are much larger)
Don't forget that a lease can be signed AFTER production.



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