Looking for information Caddo parish mainly in 34 16N 16W. Well is being drilled serial number 239761, however no new information being reported since early September.

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Patience Stephen. Many of us wish the last update to a well scout report was only 18 days like yours. Check out the discussions about the SWEPI wells down south. No on second thought, don't. It ain't a pretty picture. This is a Chesapeake well. They are fairly timely with scout reports during drilling. Your problem will come when the drilling and fracing are complete and the status is Waiting On _____________ (fill in the blank). If there is no working interest owner who regularly reports their well results, you probably won't get completion details until next year.
Thanks Skip dont mean to be a pain in your side just curious about the status
No pain, Stephen. Good Luck. I hope there is a working interest owner who will be anxious to announce the results so that you don't have to wait for Chesapeake.
Hey Skip, does it appear if any more wells will be drilled in this area or are they moving south fast.
Stephen, "they" have already moved south. I suspect north Caddo will get additional wells in the future when the price of nat gas makes it possible to do so profitably. There is just no way of knowing when that may be. You can check the Well Scout pdf each Friday to look for activity in north Caddo or just look for new wells permits. That's an easier/quicker search. Link follows:



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