Anyone know anything on the Garland 24 and or Fallon Wells?

Thanks in advance.

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UPITT. It is helpful to also post the serial numbers of the wells or their section-township-range. Off the top of my head Garland 24 and Fallon mean nothing. I don't even know the operator(s) without spending time doing a search.
Sorry, you are correct. Here is additional info.

Latshaw #16 Rig, Goodrich, Garland 24 #H1 Well, Serial #240546, S25(24)-T14N-R16W

I know the Garland 25 was a really good one.

Fallon H-1 - Goodrich - All I could find on this one.
When you know the well name and the operator name but nothing else, you can perform a search "BY Organization" on SONRIS. Searching Goodrich Petroleum Co. will pull up all their wells and you can scroll down to the most recent wells and find the Fallon H #1. For future reference it is S/N 240274. The Well Scout shows that it reached Total Depth (TD) on 11-30. That was the end of drilling and the rig was removed. Either the well has been inactive waiting on completion operations (the fracing) or completion operations have commenced and have not as yet been reported. The Garland 24 H #1 was reported drilling @8760' on 1-9-10. I suspect they hit the "kick off" point shortly after that report and are drilling or possibly have completed drilling the lateral by now. If you wish to find someone who lives near the wells and keeps up with daily activities, you should also post your questions on the DeSoto Parish Group page. Good Luck.
You guys are the best. Thanks for the replies. I'm interested in the 3 wells as Cubic Energy has JV'ed with Exco and Goodrich. The results will in my opinion continue to validate QBC's value. Should hear something soon.
i have a small interest in Garland 25 and Goodrich said it was completed at around 20 mmcf. They have asked to drill two alternate wells in the unit. I think the 24 is being drillled from a surface location in sec 25 and is not down yet
Bill, Anything new out that way. Anything new on the two additional wells?
UPITT, latest information says the Garland 24 well is still drilling.
nothing I know of except the Garland 25 is on sales and first checks should go out in March according to the man i spoke to with Goodrich.
nothing in section 25
Bill, here is the rest of the information:

Goodrich, Garland 25 #H1 Well, Serial #240013, S25-T14N-R16W, DeSoto Parish, 20200 Mcfd, 24/64" Choke, 7700 psi Flowing Pressure
sounds pretty good to me. i think this was one of GDP first operated wells
Still have not gotten my first check on Garland 25 from Goodrich. Started production in early November


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