Can someone tell me how long it typically takes to grant a permit to drill.  Tellurian applied for permission to drill 4 wells on  Township14 North, Range 10 West, Section in October 2018.  There is no hurry just curiosity. Thanks for any assistance.

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That application in October was a request for the approval of alternate unit wells.  Since these are horizontal wells, they must conform to state regulations regarding set backs.  Generally no horizontal wellbore with perforations may be closer than 330' to a unit boundary and 660' from an adjoining horizontal well drilled in the same formation. So, effectively, these are "spacing" requests.  Once approved, those unit "slots" are good indefinitely but come with no requirement to drill.  Tellurian could drill one, four or none at their discretion time wise.  The company will still have to apply for and receive a well permit for each well they may choose to drill.  There is no requirement for a notice letter when that happens.  If you wish to monitor when permits are issued,  you will have to learn how to search for well permits in the database and look periodically.  Once the permits are approved and available in the database, you can look up the actual permit and see if it is effective for six months or twelve.  There are no permits currently for those wells.

There really is no typical length of time from spacing approval to a well being spud.  Each case is different.  You can always find out how many rigs Tellurian is deploying in that part of the Haynesville Basin and look up how many live well permits are in line before those 4 but that's about the best you can do other than to ease drop on the Tellurian Drilling Superintendent.

Thank you for the comprehensive answer Skip, much appreciated. 

You're welcome, billy.


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