Does anyone know anything about a new wellsite on Ardis Taylor Road? Which section is that site in?

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Please try to give a section, township and range. Someone will then be able to help you.
You can find this info on your tax notice or get it from the tax acessors office.
A neighbor told me it was in our section but this is the first I have heard of this site. We are in Section 008, 16N, 14W
SONRIS doesn't show any permitted wells or production units in that section. It's possible that there is something, but it hasn't shown up in the system yet.

Have you seen any signs of a well pad? Where is it? There's a production unit defined on section 17 just South of you. There's no well permitted on it yet in SONRIS.
When I drove by today there is just a gate across from Rose Hollow subdivision and a port-a-potty. This looks really new. Like I said, a neighbor told me about it but I haven't heard anything from anyone else in our section. There doesn't appear to be any signage that identifies it as a well so it may be something else.
Sheila, I assume this would be between LA 525 and US 171. If yes, it is in Section 8. Sonris does not yet show a permitted well. In many cases the operator will build a well pad before the well permit or a unt order.

It could also be associated with production facilities or a pipeline gathering system.
You would be correct on the location. I looked on Sonris too and didn't find anything but I know there are sometimes delays before they show up.


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