I think you are over looking the Austin Chalk, and the Escondido in South Texas.  There are still a lot of those wells in Atascosa County.  Supposedly the production companies are anxious t find Austin Chalk because the Eagle Ford is below it, and hopefully the Pearsall.

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Jack, I and others have not forgotten the Austin Chalk. I spent a year buying leases in Beauregard and Rapides Parishes that are still  good. Lets hope we see the drill bit  in the near future.

Thanks for your response, in our area there is now some talk about Fracking the Austin Chalk.  We had some wells on our place that were drilled in 1968 and plugged in about 2000 and produced quite for a long time.  They were at about 6800 ft.

The chalk doesn't need to be fracked because it has  natural fractures. I am no geologist but  I think they  would  agree  that it is too soft and that a frack job would mess up the formation. Technology is  advancing every day so who knows what may  happen tomorrow  with the chalk.

My mistake, they were 4800 ft instead of 6800 ft.



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