The company has followed up their first Field Order with their first Permits to Drill.  Also reports of Azul making lease offers in other sections.

Organization Id Organization Name
Cnt Well Serial Well Name Well Num Status Class Class Type API Number Org ID Field ID Permit Date Sec-Town-Rng Parish LUW Association
1 253684 HA RA SU53;WALKER 7&6-10-10 H 001 01 17069205110000 A9566 4319 24-AUG-22 007-10N-10W 35 GO TO LUW INFO 20387
2 253685 HA RA SU53;WALKER 7&6-10-10 H 002-ALT 01 17069205120000 A9566 4319 24-AUG-22 007-10N-10W 35 GO TO LUW INFO 22019

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I met James Carroll, VP-Land for Azul, when I presented at the NARO-LA conference earlier this year.  Wished he and Azul luck and was glad to see the company push the boundary of the proven fairway in that area of the play.  The NW Natchitoches Parish area fell out of favor with poor early well performance.  Anybody remember the Messenger well?

I think I recall that after reviewing the log, you thought the well was producing from the CV and the Bossier, not the Haynesville.  I went to take a look at the Messenger for a client but didn't get past the gate guard.  LOL!

Janette Messenger was not happy.

Red River Parish?

Natchitoches Parish, Grogan Field.

It seems like the Steadman well in 28-10n-10w was the one that made the drilling stop in this specific area.  Hopefully, new technology and knowledge will allow for successful drilling.

Natchitoches Island interrupts the stratographic sequence in 10N-10W.  These sections are on the "slope" of the uplift.  I'm sure Jay can explain it better.  Formations "pinch out" against the slope.  The Steadman 28 never encountered the Haynesville.  It drilled into salt according to a letter in the Well File from XTO.  I'll post a link.  From this I would surmise that Natchitoches Island is a salt dome.


So does that mean parts of 10n-10w will most likely never be drilled for Haynesville or Bossier because they are on the slope?

They are pinched out on the slope of Natchitoches Island.  The western third of 10N-10W may have Bossier which pinches out further east than the Haynesville.  In the last two vertical rows of sections:  5&6, 7&8, 17&18, 19&20, 30&29 and 31&32 - some may have both Haynesville and Bossier.  Just immediately west in 10N-11W, there are good wells with both reserves.  This is further away from the Island/dome.  Geology does not conform to straight lines like the section grid for a township so there is only some much that can be inferred from the geology in any given section.  Expect some slight variations across 10N-10W but somewhere within the township is the eastern edge of economic Haynesville/Bossier.

They are leasing in Section 20, Township 11 North, 10 West.Hoping for better luck this time.

Bill, by "they" are you referring to Azul?  11N-10W is a busy township.  Chesapeake, SWN and Tellurian.

I was referring to AZUL. SWN has been in contact also. Our land had been under lease from originally Andarko, then Petrohawk, and finally Tellurian. The well we received royalty from was eventually P@A before Tellurian took over. Not sure if it was one of the wells you already mentioned, Powell sounds familiar. I asked for and was granted a release by Tellurian several years ago. Just hoping someone is able to make it workout this time.


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