Hi y’all, I’m working on a novel and need a little help, as I’ve moved away from Louisiana to Alabama and can’t visit for a while. Can anyone identify the site near the intersection of Hwy 71 and LA-4 by Loggy Bayou WMA and tell me a bit about it? Thanks in advance! Venita

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The term "site" is insufficient to figure out just what you are looking for Venita.

There is a large gravel lot with a storage tank at the place I’m looking at. It’s near the parish line next to the WMA at Hwy 4 and Hwy 71. It may not have been there during the time frame I’m writing about- early 2007.

Those are original PetroHawk well pads.  Then BHP, now BPX.  They were not there in 2007.


Wow, thanks so much, Jay. This is a big help. I appreciate your time.


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