Did anyone receive this letter yesterday?

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Every one on the "Interested Party" list was mailed one of these notice letters.  Applications for forming units or approving alternate unit well spacing are required to first go through a notice process that provides the application information to every land and mineral owner within the boundary of the unit or units to be drilled and those that are immediately adjacent to a distance of 1000'.  All those who are lessors in the unit and those who are surface owners evidenced in the public record should be on the list.  The notice offers to hold a local meeting upon request but that infrequently happens because it is a waste of time in most instances as those land and mineral owners on the Interested Party list do not have reasons to object that the Office of Conservation will find sufficient.

Thank you, so not necessarily in our unit?

The wells in the application will only pay mineral owners in Sections 30 and 31, Township 16 North, Range 10 West but those within 1000' in surrounding sections will get notice letters.

Again thanks, we are in 161030. Appreciate the reply.

You're welcome.  Comstock has drilled some very good wells in your area.  The company will submit a report to the state once the wells are completed detailing what percent of the perforated lateral lies in each section.  If you multiply that percentage by your present decimal interest, you will get the decimal interest for each of the new wells as they are drilled and completed that will appear on your revenue statement.  It is doubtful that Comstock will drill all five at the same time, so likely two groups of new wells in the future.  I hope that you get them when the price of natural gas is much improved.  Good luck.


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