I was wondering if anyone has been contacted concerning this well. I'm trying to figure out what I can expect next and in what kind of timeframe.

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Statewide rule of 640 acres + 10% (704 acres) was followed in the early years of the HA. That went out the window in 2010 or so and then they later came up with a formula for adding additional acreage based on lateral length.

Skip, This discussion should inform you on how the allocation/proration unit came into being in TX. I have to take the dogs to the vet this morning but when I get back I will find the rules for additional acreage in a unit based on proposed lateral length. They can run up to ~1200 acres, if I recall correctly.

There are three types of units over here that regulators, drillers and lawyers have to know about: Lease Unit, Drilling Unit and Proration Unit. Lessors are usually informed about only the Lease Unit. I would advise everyone to read the discussion I linked to in order to understand a bit about the other two types of units addressed in the regulations.

Thanks, Julie.  Members you only find this level of information on GoHaynesvilleShale.  Have you made a donation to the site lately?


We'd all hate to see Keith and Anna sell GHS to Drillinginfo!  Right?

Took me a while to find it.

16 TAC §3.86(d)(1)

Attached graphic

Additional Acreage Assignment

For Fields with a Density Rule of 40 Acres or Less


Horizontal Drainhole Displacement, ft

Additional Acreage Allowed, acres

100 to 585


586 to 1,170


1,171 to 1,755


1,756 to 2,340


2,341 to 2,925


2,926 to 3,510


etc. - 585 ft increments

etc. - 20 acre increments

Additional Acreage Assignment

For Fields with a Density Rule Greater Than 40 Acres


Horizontal Drainhole Displacement, ft

Additional Acreage Allowed, acres

150 to 827


828 to 1,654


1,655 to 2,481


2,482 to 3,308


3,309 to 4,135


4,136 to 4,962


etc. - 827 ft increments

etc. - 40 acre increments

I agree, wholeheartedly!  I donated not too long ago and tried to figure out how much to give by guessing at how much it saved me from having to go to an O&G attorney every time I had a question, and then give myself a little discount.

Wow! I want to thank you all for your responses. I learned quite a bit this morning.

April Production was 470,063 MCF. Use that along with the $2.713 price that Skip posted for gas in April and you can get a roundabout figure on your next royalty check.  May is probably gonna look a little sickly, as volume is falling and the price is down almost 10%.

Maybe more like 7%

The vast majority of natural gas is sold with the price based on the monthly settlement.  Being some discount to that price.  Much less is sold on the spot market at spot prices.

That's why I stated that you could get a roundabout figure.

XTO only paid $2.43/MMbtu for April. Made that mailbox money look a little anemic.

Production for May was at 537,678 MCF


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