I was wondering if anyone has been contacted concerning this well. I'm trying to figure out what I can expect next and in what kind of timeframe.

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This is the place to look:

New Lease IDs Built Query

You only need the well API # (405-30664) or drilling permit # (836926) to search. XTO almost never turns in "Pending" production figures anymore. They get a Lease ID # before they turn new wells to sales 99.99% of the time in this district.

That's what I was looking for, the Lease ID #.

Please let me know if you find any info...

    Well...  It doesn't look like XTO is gonna cut a check for me this month either.  I sure hope they start soon.

Got mine today but small

RRC ID is 279897. Can find historical production for this lease / well (District 6). Tx RRC shows 62 MMCF of production for July 2018 after no reported production for the three previous months.

Readers may already be aware of this, but with a second well being drilled and completed on the same surface pad, the initial well is shut in for safety reasons. Then both the old well and new well are put back on line after the new wells in frac'd and ready to flow back.

This is probably the case here. The July production is probably from a less than full month of production. August records (which should post in early October) should be much higher.

Yeah I looked at the PR and figured for the volume I should've gotten a couple hundred dollars.  It's just that the XTO website isn't showing any check details for me.

It looks like they posted a little over 62 MMCF in July but nothing for August.  I sure would like to see some mailbox money soon.

BSI Keydets H1 is in production which started in mid September and  the new BSI Keydets B1 is drillled, fracked, and in the process of being, unplugged for production, currently and will go to production as soon as completed. This information are directly from XTO.

Correction BSI Keydets H 1 went into production last week...quote XTO
Correction BSI Keydets H 1 went into production last week...quote XTO
Correction BSI Keydets H 1 went into production last week...quote XTO


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