I own 153 acres (1/4 section) just north of the "circle" where they are drilling. It's been a long time since anyone pursued minerals in this area. Is there any chance any fresh drillling will happen in this area, between Gilliam and Vivian in Caddo Parish, LA, anytime in the next few years? I have owned the place about 15 years now and have never been approached for anything drilling or mineral related.

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I am unfamiliar with "the circle".  The current activity is in the Longwood Field which is portions of 18N-16 & 15W and 19N-16 & 15W.  This is south of Vivian and west of Gilliam.  Generally the Blanchard area south of Mooringsport.

The circle was referring to the map you drew of the Haynesvill shale area on the newsletter. We are just outside that circle to the north. Our farm is in S4, T21N, R15W, NE 1/4, with excellent roads and well drained soil. Just been surprised in all these years no activity.

Royal, I do not recall drawing a circle or even a map.  I also do not own GHS so you may be referring to something Keith posted. The Haynesville formation runs in a band from central Texas upward through E TX and running eastward across N LA.  Then down through MS and AL to the FL panhandle.  Only a portion of the formation is shale, most is sand (sandstone).  Where the formation is sand, it is a conventional reservoir.  That means it is productive in some areas, not in others and that pockets of production are scattered and not generally large in area like the shale fairway.  There are numerous producing, long lived vertical Haynesville sand wells across north Bossier, Webster and Claiborne parishes.  Some are 70 years or so old.  North Caddo, where you are, doesn't have productive Haynesville Sand and exploration using horizontal wells and modern technology have failed to find productive zones since the turn of the century.  There have been Annona Chalk, Pettit, Gray Sand, Cotton Valley and Haynesville horizontal wells drilled in or near your part of north Caddo Parish that I have followed.  None proved to be economic.  I'm not a geologist but it appears that enough effort, and expense, has been expended in that region to find any new play opportunity.

Thanks. I meant Keith's map, you are correct. With timber prices never recovering back to where they were before the big drop in the late 90's, I was hoping to get some revenue from minerals off the land. All signs are that it isn't happening. We missed the high Haynesville leases a few years ago by about 1- 2  miles.


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