I'm looking for a map that shows exactly where my family's mineral rights lease is located.

All I got so far is the survey location, called Chandler-Johnson A-19.

I've read it's somewhere South of Lufkin, TX.

Does anyone know how to find that location on GPS or a Google Maps if I drive there?

Much Appreciated,


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My two brothers and I have a Mineral Lease with Kodiac of close to 70 acres in the survey in question.

I pulled up the TX RRC GIS site and zoomed in on the area around HW 58 / FM 1818. However, I still can't find A19. If you found it on that map, please tell me where to look.


Much appreciated Mike! Thanks alot. I still dont see A-19 but I do see the Johnson designation in association with the survey for our lease. Our family's track looks to be over 2 miles wide by 5 miles long. Wow!

I visited the area south of Lufkin this past Sunday. I saw its heavily forested and a portion appears to be very wet bottom land. My brothers and I were pleased to see BBX Operating, L.L.C., who we have our lease with, just announced they will drill their first deep well on the survey called, "Bigfoot".

The drilling permit in question is a .pdf attachment on that page.

It states the drill site is RRC distict #06, 9.85 miles SW of Zavalla on the A-19 survey. I'm interested in finding the precise location on Google Earth, so I can pinpoint where to go on my next trip there.

Any help narrowing down the exact location of "Bigfoot" is appreciated.

Lat: 31.148477°

Long: -94.594192°


Looks like I was lucky enough to have gotten to the Renfro Cemetery, only a few miles away from the pending drill site.

Thank You!

BBX has the equipment needed to get at the shale there, which is something the other companies weren't able to do. I'm planning to go back there for photo ops as soon as the drilling equipment is positioned. We wish them the best of fortune!

I would like to see some sort of geological overlays for the Chandler Johnson A-19 survey, so what is considered to be there can be better understood.

I found a site that mentions several types of plays, such as Eagle Ford and Eaglebine...

So, my question now is...

Is the Chandler Johnson A-19 survey over Haynesville Shale or some other formation(s)?


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