5 new well permits by Indigo in 30 13n 15w for cross unit wells going south into unit 30 make for 7 wells if you add the two wells they just put to sales. A couple of the laterals are within a couple hundred feet of each other.

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Going south into sectin 31!

Whenever you see horizontal wells less than 330' from an adjoining lateral, the first thought should be, is this a Haynesville well?  Or, maybe a Bossier well?  In this case those 5 wells are Cotton Valley horizontal wells.  You're looking at a flat, two dimensional plan view.  You have to remember to think in 3D.  There are combination well groups with both Haynesville and Bossier wells that in a plan view are actually stacked right on top of each other.  They are however separated by about 500 or so feet in vertical depth.

Again thank you Skip!



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