I receive royalties from both Chesapeake and Comstock from a split that first started with Enduro. After Enduro went belly up, Comstock became part owner (30%) I believe.  I don't have a clue as to how the deal went, but if you are a recipient of royalty from CHK and Comstock on the same wells, I would like to talk to you.  The wells are in north DeSoto and numbered 251107, 251108, 251109, 251213, and 251214.  Please PM a friend request and I'll get back to you.  

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I suggest that you also post your discussion on the DeSoto Parish Group page.  When you do that all the members of the group will get an email alerting them to the new group discussion.  When you post on the Main Page you are hoping that the right members see it.  Comstock also acquired Enduro's assets in Caddo Parish.


I would love to post it to DeSoto, but to save my life, I can't figure out how to.  No matter what I do, even going to the group page and add a discussion, the discussion still posts in the main page, not group. I've deleted the new post about 4 times.  I'm not sure if anybody has any interest in DeSoto.  The last post or reply was back in April.  

Thanks anyhow

Did you "join" the group?  You must be a member to post a discussion.

Yep, sure did.  It might be possible that I must delete the post on the main page before trying to post with the same title on the DeSoto group page.  Also, maybe there is a time requirement to allow the server to update before I can do that.  You do not need to reply.  I've about lost interest.  There is some real funny business going on with these 'almost' bankrupt companies.

And others may be effected by that funny business also that's why I'm trying to help.  You don't have to delete your main page post.  I often post duplicate discussions on the main page and group pages when I want to make sure those members who are not checking in regularly don't miss the post.  Yours qualifies as one of those.


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