Well folks, We have had issues with Chesp off & on.  They resolved one in that they were taking prod costs out & was not in our lease...they corrected WHEN WE CALLED IT TO THEIR ATTENTION & refunded us. Next, there was some less % they pulled out of the next checks & said it was something with partners & would not last long-nothing we could do! Then, we found out that they are selling the gas to their own entity! Thus, we get lower prices because they sell to their entity cheaper! There was nothing we could do about that either because it is LEGAL in LA like other questionable practices are.   LESSON LEARNED...don't do business with Chespeake. However, we didn't lease to them, we leased to Sendero and lease was sold to Chesp. so we had no control over it.  If a class action would do it, we would join it!

ALSO, production seems to be slowing in the Haynesville Shale or at least our check this mo was 2/3 less than last mo.  Oh well, was good while it lasted. SAM


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