Has anyone that has Vine wells received their first Chesapeake Statement?

I got my first one yesterday and volume on all wells was zero as was the amount received.  This a 50/50 Chesapeake/SWN section with Chesapeake as the operator.  SWN paid correctly.

Called Chesapeake -as usual they new nothing and had me send a email to them.

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I had interest with Brix and Vine.  Two days ago my Chesapeake statement through EnergyLink showed zero's on everything.  Not long after the April statement was viewable they took it down, yesterday evening an April statement from Chesapeake was back on EnergyLink and it was correct.  Hope this is the case for you.

it did come back but now there are other issues.

My EnergyLink statement usually shows up on the 25th.  I have not seen anything this month.  

Sim. experiences as Shorty but as he stated the Tues. nite CHK zero's were replaced last night w/ legit production #'s but I shouldn't have been surprised as they just moved to EnergyLink on 18 April.

my combined CHK and Vine statements showed up on EnergyLink yesterday afternoon.  And, yes, the day before, I have the same statement with zeros for everything.


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