I received a letter from cobra petroleum company today wanting to purchase all of my mineral and rayalty intrest of my five acres in section 18 township 18 north range 11 west .It included a check for 250.00, it stated that once the check was cashed they would own the mineral rights to my five acres.Is there any activety in the portion of the Bossier Parish. The letter was signed by Mark Beaty does any one know Mark or anything about Cobra Petroleum Company out of Fort Worth Texas.



thanks for your replys

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I agree. I shredded all four of their letters. If you look closely at their property description, they are listing entire sections. I googled complaints for Cobra Petroleum and there was a gentleman in Oklahoma that had cashed his check. The next thing he knew, Cobra had filed the entire section as theirs, not just the piece of property that the man had sold them. Scary thought.
If one wants to take a poke at an outfit that is dangerous to the mineral owner's financial well being, this if one of the outfits that makes my skin crawl. It is a numbers game with them. If they mail out 10,000 pieces of paper, a handful of folks will sign on the dotted line, not understanding what they are signing. No resemblance to a fair price.
I agree with you in principle on what you are saying. But I DO NOT think that everyone that buys minerals are bad people. If Spring Branch does, I include him in the group of "decent people". I have bought minerals, and I have sold minerals, and sometimes sold them for a price that the people that bought them made good and quick money. Such is the business.

Now, I will say that my buying and selling has been pretty small scale. Sometimes very small scale, LOL.

But you have to realize that there are people out there that want to sell some minerals, and someone is going to by them. May the highest bidder win, and may the seller be informed and dealing with reputable buyers. Hopefully this site has educated the sellers.

This is a business to some people, but some people can be honest and upfront in the process.

Once again, this is just my opinion and I mean no disrespect to anyone.

Good Luck to all....
GD - Does anybody ever stop to consider that OUR minerals, when sold, could end up in the hands of some who oppose us as a nation? That kind of gives me the chills.

I guess we shouldn't ever sell anything, just in case someone undesirable shold aquire it later....
I'm never selling another pick up truck!
GD, I just saw this post and answered your question on another thread. Let me just say that I follow the rules of this web site to the letter. I's dotted and T's crossed. Are you questioning what I do, or my morals and ethics. It sure feels like my morals and ethics are being questioned. Is that your endeavor? If so, then please let me know which of the posts I have made over the years that justify it, in your mind.
I can not believe that I am responding to this as though I need to defend myself. How do you think Keith would like it if I started every post with " I HAVE AND LIKELY WILL AGAIN BUY MINERALS". Is that what you would have me do, GD, in order to pass your smell test? Maybe it was just better that I didn't in any way, now or ever, use this forum as a way of soliciting mineral referrals. I seem to remember in the early days of the site that you and others spent many hours throwing bombs at the petroleum landmen who happened to post on the site, referring to them as scumbags or worse. The big lease play is over so I guess you don't have to protect the innocents from them any more. Now they're all your buddies. You sent me a personal message that no one else could read telling me that you had over the years had two different people tell you that I had bought minerals, and demanded to know if I was a mineral buyer and then you infer on the site that you had figured out that I had bought minerals by "adding up the pieces of the puzzle per a historical read"....your exact words! Which was it? Anyone on this web site is welcome to disregard anything I have to say. But I will not let you take away my right to say whatever I choose to say on this site as long as it follows the solicition and other rules of this site to the letter. Also, please, please,please don't anyone contact me about buying their minerals. I want to be able to continue to say honestly that I have never bought a single acre of minerals as a result of my Go Haynesville Shale membership. Please don't call me about gold, stocks, bonds, or baseball cards either. Oh Yeah, GD, I've crossed paths with many folks in my 63 years. That's not a bad thing, or was that another one of your bombthrows? All that stuff about multiple avatars and all the other BS....I have no idea what the H you're talking about.

Lastly, Lastly, Lastly........Cobra is bad.........AVOID ....which was what the thread was about to begin with until GD hijacked it.


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