Commodities 'flash crash' - but firms and analysts stay positive

Last week commodities went into free-fall, stunning many traders.

But the outlook remains very attractive, with most firms and analsyts increasing their crude oil price projections for 2011 and beyond.

A summary of the analysts projections is discussed:



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OH, NOES!!!! My investments are ruined. My Silver and Natural Gas have dropped all the way back to the price they were at two months ago.
Good point Mac, these Wall Street folks can go wild alternating between their bull and bear bets, but higher prices are in store. Great for mineral owners, and companies.
They like small energy firms, including FX Energy (FXEN), GeoResources (GEOI), Evolution Petroleum (EPM), and Gran Tierra Energy (GTE). Patriot Coal (PCX) remains attractive in the coal sector. Quicksilver (KWK) and Crimson Expl (CXPO) are also in their portfolio. And Grand Tierra Energy (GTE).

Lots of other producers are attractive at current market prices, but they run a very concentrated portflio of stuff they think they know.
what is driving the sudden increase in nat gas prices?

Seems like storage fill is not as robust as some expect. Nice to see a bit higher prices, great for gassers. Here is a nat gas futures price site:


Here is the storage chart:

EPO and EPG are both active stocks for pipeline. the yeilds are high for these stocks, I have noticed.

Come on NG.

Thanks for the sites Wilma.  Very helpful.


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