Does anyone here know who Comstock uses to lease minerals in the Haynesville Shale? Thanks!

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I am not aware of a current leasing program being conducted by Comstock through a land company.  Operators use land companies for leasing projects too large for their in house land department.  The land department handles the day to day leasing as needed. 

First, a disclaimer.  It is not a good idea to go seeking a lease.  That's not the way it works and often results in a low ball lease offer or an expression of no interest.  As long as the public record (courthouse records) is clear in evidencing the mineral ownership, mineral owners should sit back and wait for an operator or their representatives to come to them.

The best way to contact Comstock, short of knowing a specific person, is to simply call the main phone number and ask for help identifying the proper staffer or department.  Phone: 972-668-8800

Thanks for the info.

About a year ago it was Asquared Resources LLC in the Sibley Field area. 

Terry Johnston


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