Can a frac permit be approved before drilling begins?

   The Arrington well (ser. 250370, 11-9N-14W) off rt. 174 west of Converse was first permitted on 7/17/17.  Although SONRIS

showed no sign of drilling activity a perf&frac work permit was approved on 11/29/17.  Then, on 1/18/18 the status code changed fron 1 to 3 (permit expired).  Would the operator need to obtain a new drilling permit if it decides to begin drilling and would the existing frac permit remain  valid for the new drilling permit?

   This is the first of 8 proposed alternate unit wells that was permitted in this unit by Covey Park and I was hoping for more progress toward completion beyond construction of a new gated access road off rt.174.  So much for counting my chickens...

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