Anyone have any information on the newly permitted wells in 23-12N-13W?  All I ever do is check sonris to see permitted wells.  Not even sure if there is more information that can be found. Just hoping someone had the inside scoop. LOL.  

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The location has been staked for 3 wells, which were permitted a couple of weeks ago.  These are CULs running North across Sections 23 and  14.  Hopefully drilled this summer.

Fingers crossed!  Thanks, Steve

For additional well information, on the SONRIS Well File (Data Access) page click on the serial number in blue and go to the Document Access portion of the database.  Examples of what you will find there:  the length of the permit - 6 months.  It expires 8/31 and although another permit is easily acquired, this indicates the anticipated time to spud a well.  The last page is the well plat.  In this case the lateral covers all but 330' of Section 14 but only about 2/3 of Section 23 so that will be how the production is allocated if the well is drilled as permitted.  After completion you can go to Document Access and see an "as drilled" plat that will  detail the linear feet of perforated lateral in each section and the percentage of production that will be allocated to each.

Thank you!

You're welcome.


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