Where can you find a section, township, range map of Desoto Parish?

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I usually go to SONRIS and click on GIS access.  You can drill down to section data for any parish and also show well locations as well as actual photographic information.  It takes some effort to get used to it but it is really great.

I also found something called acrevalue.com when I needed section-township-range maps in Arkansas.  I appears to work in Louisiana also.  You can access the maps for free.  This website also shows actual owner plots and acreage.  The free part does not show the actual owner (it looks like  you have to sign in to get that).

Thanks,  I will check out both sites.  I looked on SONRIS but wasn't sure where to go.

LA DOTD has good parish maps with S-T-R for free download.  Use this link and then select the parish or portion of a parish that you need.



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