I received several letter regarding lateral well connected to both Well #s: 239415 (Covey Park LLC) and 272362 (CHK). Anyone have any information on the activity on these 2 wells?

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Serial # 239415 was an EOG permit  (17-031-24664 API #) that was completed in mid 2009 and has produced 2.9 BCF to date with Covey Park as the operator..

I cannot find a well tied to Serial #272362.


Sorry, the second well number is 242605 (CHK). Any activity info on that? I was mainly concerned about activities going on at the site. Covey has requested lateral wells and so has Chesapeake.  I live in Arkansas and don't get to monitor what's going on in at the sites.

This CHK well was completed in mid 2011 and has produced about 3.1 BCF to date


Attached PDF map from DrillingInfo.com shows these two wells (red dots with the serial numbers). No new permits apparent by this map 


Thank you for the information.



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