Does anybody know if Devon is still having sucess with their James Lime wells?

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If their leasing activity in Sabine County is an indication, they must see James Lime Liquids as a sucessful play. 

I saw they just were assigned 55 leases from Samson this last week.

They are running two rigs at the moment so we should know more results before long.

Thanks for the replies. What about in San Augustine? I heard they were drilling several wells there, but havent heard if they were good or not. Thanks!

The rigs have been working in San Augustine, between town and the Sabine line. Sorry, I didn't mean to confuse things. 

They will have to drill something in Sabine to hold the new leases but they haven't permitted anything yet... as of last weekend.  I haven't looked this week.

Thank you jffree.

completions should be rolling out any day now I would think....

Does anyone know if minerals in the D.B. Sowell Survey, A-367, San Augustine County, TX fall in the area that is prospective for James Lime?  Is there any other drilling activity currently in the subject area?  The minerals are leased to Encana.

I don't think there is a real clear picture as to the extent of the James Lime oil.  As for leases, Encana is pretty much the only game in that survey to this point.  I do know that W & T Offshore is testing the James Lime pretty far South but a bit further East than A-367.  I wouldn't however count anything out yet.

Thanks, which general part of the county is A-367 located?

10 miles or so SW of the town of San Augustine.

Frac'ing on the Griffin 3h currently from what I gather.


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