Devon is setting 5 1/2" casing in the well.

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Sorry,he went today not Monday. Do you think they are talking about Beechgrove being fracked?



No, they were on the Lane site this morning. I could see the control trailer through the bushes. All of the activity was back around the wellhead and hidden by the bushes. 

I think David is right. They are doing a second stage frac for whatever reason. I have feelers out but no response at this point.

Thanks, Joe. I think the woods are so dense there he just couldn't see anything. I'll keep checking back to see what happens next.
I went by today and there is a upright tower with a platform towards the top over the well bore.A lot of red equipment that can barely be seen through the bushes. Don't know what any of this means.;
Alright sir...
Can anyone explain why Devon is drilling a vertical hole only and fracking that instead of a horizontal well and fracking a lateral? Beechgrove is a horizontal well.
Steve, the plan is to drill the vertical well and frac it to get knowledge about the formation, I think its easier to core in a vertical hole as opposed to a horz. one. They also wanted to experiment with the fracing methods and see what works best in this formation at this location. The plan is, as I understand it, to move the rig back to the Lane pad after they drill the Beech Grove well and drill a second well from this pad that will be horz. I think Devon is being very diligent in their methods and trying to learn what they need to do to hopefully maximize the production in this area.

I would have guessed that they would finish testing and gaining knowledge about the formation at the Lane well before they drilled Beechgrove to total depth, but I am new to this. Thanks


P.S. If they really want to maximize production they should drill on my land in W. Fel. :) lol

I think they are pretty sure that the formation is producible. They just need to get information as to how do it. They may have some leases with short terms on them and to protect the lease hold they may need to conduct operations NOW. That's just a guess.  I think the Beech Grove  property has been under lease for 5 years or so.
Encana's last 2 permits say they want to drill 4 wells per location and I had heard previously that multiple wells from each pad was their intent. Do you know if Devon plans the same? How can a landowner get compensated if 3 of the 4 wells are bottom holed outside of his unit  where he has no royalty rights? My understanding is they might not have to pay the drill site landowner anything for the extra wells  is  as long as the 1st well  bottom holes in a unit his land is in, due to their surface rights in the lease. This can only be fixed by signing a surface rights agreement beforehand or modifying the surface right clause in the original lease before signing. If this is true - and I say if - then landowners need to know how to handle leases where more than one well will be drilled from a pad on their property. Anyone know anything about this?


You bring up a very valid point. When landowners signed these leases they had no idea that the companies were going to do this. There is a case in another thread where the property owner is saying that she will get nothing and that the landowner with no-site will have production from her pad is going to get a multi-acre pond/lake/tank by the operator and will be able to sell water for fracing. Does not seem fair. This is where we learn lessons thanks to Keith and this site. That is one of the things that my lease addendum will cover.  

Saw this article today concerning Devon and its ability to multi-well drill from one pad - granted these are shallow gas wells - but 35 wells from one pad is something to think about if you are a landowner negotiating a lease:

This article talks about multi- well drilling capabilities from one pad (for gas) by Devon in Texas. Notice the pad size, as we discussed earlier as an indicator of intentions.


A 35-well pad site

Devon's advances in the Barnett are exemplified at a rural 12-acre drilling site in far southwest Tarrant County. The 31st well there was drilled last week by contractor Patterson-UTI Drilling Co.

Read more:



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