On the Division Order-is the well number listed  anywhere on the document?  I have

an owner No. that looks like a well number but there is no well by that number on sonris.


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Look it up by section, township and range.


I did. there is no well nbr. on Sonris that matches the owner nbr.  So-my question is-

Is the well nbr. usually put on the Division Orders?

Operators do not use LA. State Office of Conservation well serial numbers on their division orders or royalty statements.  You may do a search of Wells By Organization on SONRIS Lite and find the well name as it will be the same as that used on the documents.

Skip,  I have a DO that I am almost positive is in error in my favor.  I have called

the operator but was advised that was the info they had and that was as far as I

could get.  What happens if I sign or don't sign?   

If the difference is small it may be related to the survey used to calculate the unit acres.  LA. mineral code requires that an operator pay you royalties even if you don't sign a DO.  If you don't sign you may have to write a few letters and follow up to get in pay.  It can take a few months.  What happens if you do sign is a question for an O&G attorney.

Skip, The acreage is correct-but I am more than 4 sec. away from

this well -which I advised them.  My  property is in sec.3 T16 R13W.

The well name they gave me is in Sec. 7.  I just don't want them to 

mess up a well (243449) that is about to be drilled in my section. By

the way-I seem to be the only person around me that got a DO-which

I also told them.  I am tempted to just do nothing and see what happens

if it wasn't for the well about to be drilled.


That's a little beyond the normal accounting screw ups, James.  LOL!  I would simply return the DO with an explanation and a copy of your lease showing the correct property description in Sec. 3.  You might want to send it certified mail just to get their attention.  No matter what happens with this situation it shouldn't affect your well.  What operator is this if you don't mind sharing.

I leased the land to Chesapeake and got the DO from them. The

operator is Petrohawk Energy.  I talked to the analyst that prepared

the DO at Chesapeake-the one who told me that she was just

working off what Petrohawk sent her.  I will take your advice and

see what happens and I will let you know the outcome. Thank you



S3-T16N-R13W is an irregular section and may have several drilling units. You will be paid royalty depending on the drilling unit your land is in.

Finally got a call on Fri from Chesapeak Fri.  8/26.  I had sent cert. letter

on 8/8 and they rcvd it 8/12.  She was just calling me back from prev.

calls and she had not rcvd letter. She advd me it could take up to 2 wks.

for her to get it.  After all "they have 6,500 people working there". I

briefly explained again and what was in the letter ie copy of lease etc.

She advised me I was "in pay" and did not have to sign DO.  At that

point I told her to send all the checks she wanted and not to call me

2 yrs from now wanting their money back-cause I wasn't sending it

back.  Had a phone call 5 mins. later from landman advising me that

in fact I was not in the sec. Guess it takes 6500 people to screw up-

or not.


The Well number on my orders is NOT the same as the serial number on Sonris.   Go to Sonris Lite, go to search by section, township, range.  This should pull up any licensed wells in your section.
Owner number is your account number with the operator, not the well. Do what Skip and R Stool suggested to find the well on SONRIS.


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