I have been around the oil paatch all my life. I know every now and then something goes wrong in a formation and water gets poluted, but a friend of mine saw a documenary tht is up for an Emmy that makes us look like we are out there tearing everything apart. Here is my quuestion.


Is anyone aware of wide spread gas or oil being in farmers drinking water or fumes making people sick. This friend said an expert has become a whisle blowere and the oil companies have been able to keep this quite since the 70's. She understood that the Barnett shalle is eally bad about doing this. I was raised around wells and have lived around them as an adult. Thus far my drinking water has been good, noo horns growing out my forehead, and no illness from polution. Is this really a problem and I just don't know about it?

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Bob, Gasland is an enormous hatchet job propaganda piece directed by a self-aggrandizing liar.  Ask your friend if she takes everything Michael Moore and Al Gore say as gospel, it's pretty close to being the same thing.
Thanks, where can I get information to educate her and her friends.

A lady from Ohio called into the Washington Journal's program this morning and said that she had attended a Tea Party meeting where they were discussing the topic of 'fracking'. 


She said there were speakers there from the O&G industries, along with the anti's.  She left the meeting worried about this new shale gas.  Her remark, "we can't let them ruin our water like they did in Pennsylvania".


The O&G has a big job ahead if they plan to educate the public.

At least they have the substantial resources to fight it.

And the Clean Water Act, according to a Yahoo article, is circling the drain.

Fertilizer pollutes ground water too.  So, i'm thinking we ought to quit using it?  Cows, pigs and people too.  De-Icing highways pollute ground water... the melt flows into ditches, creek and streams... and into groundwater.  I give up... almost.
Shh you're not supposed to talk about that, otherwise people might learn what "hypoxia" is and what it's doing in the Gulf of Mexico.
The oil and gas industry SHOULD be better regulated.  No question that this industry pollutes the earth.  I personally benefit financially from the H. shale and want these problems resolved as much as the next person. At least I am not in denial that they exist.  We all want to see natural gas leading the US with cleaner energy.  However, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the writing on the wall and the direction we are headed if people don't take chemical pollution seriously.  To make this ENTIRELY a political issue is ignorant.

Dear 221caribbean,

Nicely, and thoughtfully, put.

It is easy to be contrarian. I do it myself-but you are right: It is in everyone's best interest to see the writing on that wall.

Since you responded to my post I'll just assume you're talking to me directly, otherwise I probably wouldn't have bothered responding.  Here we go either way.  Kindly point out where anyone said anything about denying the existence of whatever specific problems it is you're talking about, and further if anyone has attempted to make "this ENTIRELY a political issue" it is the LYING sack of CRAP Michael Moore wannabe director of Gasland, Josh Fox.


Sorry I'm not a rocket scientist, but I'm not ENTIRELY ignorant either.  Should you wish to have an actual conversation about any of the specific "issues" involved feel free to quantify your statements with something more than a very generalized, vaguely formed eco-warrior opinion.


That goes for anyone else in the thread who has a beef about "writing on the wall."

I have found your information to be very helpful and true. I have tried to explain this information to my friend and she says everything I bring up could be true but that our generation has not been good about taking care of the enviroment and have let the powerful who control things slide on many issues. She feels that we have been this way because we have been lazy about voteing and that we haven't really had anyone to vote for that is not controled by some power base.


Having worked in politics when I was young and full of vinegar I did see our elected officials sell out on some issues because they were greedy, but I never saw them sell out on an issue that would harm individuals. It might make the public have to pay more for somehing but it was not ever about letting someone injure a citizen on purpose.

I think you take on the Micheal Moore angle is right on target. Like I said earlier, I have lived around or in the oil patch all my life and I don't personally know anyone who has had the problems brought up in this film or anyone who's  life was shortened because they lived around producing wells. I am just going to be patient with this lady and over time she will see what I am saying makes since. She has never been around the oil business and I had to explain what I did for a living back when I was a right of way agent for naural gas pipelines. I think part of her hostel feelings come from my being 58 yrs old and not being able to get back in the business while 25 to 30 year old are geting the jobs. That is just the way the world has always turned and she will just have to get over it just like she is going to have to get over all the new wells being drilled. I know she may not want the drilling but she wants the electric power it generaates. Thanks again for getting me up to speed on the subject. Wish I had he money to tour he country and make presentations to the public so they would be enformed as to what is really going on in the oil patch. As long as the public is kept in the dark these kinds of films will continue to have credibility and our nation will continue to be held hostage to the conutries in the middle east that want us dead.  

Has anyone seen "Carbon Nation", a new (I gather) documentary on climate changes?

I may not have that right!


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