any local people watching the action on this well?  i see that it was spud 7/10/12. 

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It's a vertical science well so there may not be much to watch.  In addition to coring and logging the TMS  EOG has stated that they will use this well to monitor the frac on their first horizontal TMS well.

From a recent onsite inspection we learned this: Two drilling rigs are being used for the current well, the first  a verticle monitor well, and the second will be the actual horizontal drilling rig. The pads for the two rigs are about five hundred feet apart. The monitor well is at 7000 feet. The second rig has not been put up yet. 

Water for fracking will be pumped from Red RIver. The water pipeline has not been run yet.

 The rig is at the 11 mile marker on highway 452.

01/07/2013 10 16908 11336 COMPLETED 11/29/12, OIL, TUSCALOOSA MARINE SHALE, 358 BOPD, 208 MCFD, GOR 581/1, CK 17, 45 GVTY, 295 BWD, BS&W 45%, FP 779, CP 779, PERF 11980'-16835'.
From Sonris on Dupuy well, not sure what EOG needs, but it'll be interesting to see what they get!


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