Indigo announces new Eagle Ford horizontal well permit in Louisiana.
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My point was that the target is TMS and not EF.
I don't think Indigo has ever referenced the TMS, they have always called it the Louisiana Eagle Ford

Hey Guys,

As I have stated before........... If the strata they are targeting is right under the AC then it would be EF. If its the strata right above the Tusc then its TMS. The two are separated by Eutaw/Upper Tusc. That's my opinion; I've correlated logs in the Port Hudson area of East Baton Rouge Parish and that's what I see; so correlate some logs and see if you agree. 

The TMS is between the Upper and Lower Tusc. sands, not "the strata right above the Tusc."  The Eutaw is also known as the EF.  The EF is the source rock for the AC, like the TMS is the source rock for the Tusc. sands.

Vernon Parish


COMPANY: indigo II Louisiana Operating LLC, Bentley Lumber 32, 001: 242407. WHERE: Burnstown, S 32. T. 4N R. 5W. DAILY PRODUCTION: 8 mcf gas on 48/64 choke; 5 barrels 40 gravity condensate; 46 barrels water. PRESSURE: pumping lbs. SPECIFICS: LA Eagle Ford Shale; perforations, 11562-11704 feet, depth, 12020 feet.


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