I heard word that there is a pilot hole being drilled and that with the Haynesville Shale frac successes, the deep (20K-21Kft) could be an even bigger play than the Haynesville. Any thoughts??

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Stephen, given there has never been any Eagle Mills production in North Louisiana hard to envision success in that formation or the Louann Salt layer.
Stephen Guber,
Where did you "hear word" of this "pilot hole"?
And where is such "pilot hole"?
I agree with the above stated and more information is needed.
I heard yesterday seismic ongoing looking at 21k feet with very good oil prospect. Contrary to what has been thought of in past. Leases being reviewed for depth clauses before word gets out. Could be much bigger than Haynesville play and go farther north and west. Very hush hush.
tater, this is an old rumor and seems to be a favorite of the seismic crews. The likelihood of oil at those depths in the area of the Haynesville and Boosier Plays is next to zero. Too deep, too hot, too over presssured for oil but it obviously makes a really good rumor. LOL!
I've always heard the same as what you say. Guess when someone pokes a hole that deep we'll all know for sure, unless someone already has.
Tater, there have been several deep wells drilled in the area and one that comes to mind is the Hope estate well in Cotton Valley, spudded in 1973 and drilled to a depth greater than 20,000 feet, serial no. 142336, sec. 24, T21N, R10W. You might ask Jay to pull the log on it and give you his opinion, although it is an old one. Hope this helps.
Thanks Jack B2. Looks like it is still producing from the Gray Sand. Has there been any completions that you know of in the lower formations that produced anything?
I know of no production from below the salt in this area. There was a study by Dr. Goddard and Dr. Mancini that stated there may be hydrocarbons in the Eagle Mills red beds, but to my knowledge, nothing has been published to the public to substantiate more than that.
From Page 30: North Louisiana Salt Basin

Depth to generate oil (ft) 6,000-8,500* / 6,000-10,000**
Depth to generate gas (ft) 12,000-16,000* / 8,000-16,000**
I think with the pace of technology everything is up for review at the present time. 10 years ago who would have thought about haynesville and the impact it is having.


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