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If Egypt falls... what happens to the Suez Canal and the flow of oil... and thus world oil supply lines?  Couldn't this have ripple effects…

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 In regards to the Palestinian cabinet resigning, Mahmoud Abbas should resign with them even though he won't. His term of office(and by extension his cabinet) ended in 2009. What we have there is an unelected government and has been caught by their people offering pretty much anything and everything to Israel for peace while denying it to the general public(known as the Palestinian Papers).

  The Quadaffi article headline is misleading because in the article it states Quadaffi is not calling for war but for peace. What he wants the Palestinians to do is have peaceful demonstrations to regain rights from the Israelis, similar to Ghandi and MLK. I hope we do see a more democratic Middle East.

If we should be praying for a people, it is the brave men and women in Iran who have risen AGAIN and taken to the streets to be beaten and shot by a truly evil and tyrannical regime.


May God or Allah or whatever deity one might pray to keep his protecting hand on these bright souls in their time of trial.


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