Trinidad Rig # 125 is on site, located south of Bean Rd in Southeastern Amite County about 4 miles west/southwest of Gillsburg in Township 1 North, Range 5 East

Spud March 21, 2014.

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Is there a place on the internet I can find the latest drilling report?

Nope.  Rig reports are subscription based.  And there is no information beyond what I post other than the physical directions to the well pad.  Rig reports are used in the industry by companies that supply operating rigs.  The primary purpose is to provide directions to the site for deliveries.

Trinidad Drilling Rig #125 reports 23 days Drilling Ahead, 4/11/14.

Any information on if they expect to be at their expected depth on 4/28 still?

There is no way anyone could know that at this early stage.  And rig reports don't contain that type of information in any event.  There will be a report each Friday until there are no more.  At which point we will know that the well has reached Total Depth (TD) and is ready for completion operations to commence.  A frac crew will not be standing by waiting for the rig to leave.  There will be some unknown period when nothing is going on at the well pad.  When a completion crew shows up, they don't make reports.  It will depend on locals to provide intelligence.

Hey, we need drones with internet hookups flying over all these wells! Thanks, Skip, for keeping us in the know.


You're welcome, Charles.  Until we have those drones what we need is more MS members who can help with local intelligence.  I think most landowners in the prospective TMS area would value what GHS provides.  We need our current members to spread the word and grow the TMS groups, MS & LA.

Mr. Bell:

Word is Goodrich and Halcon have already had a belly full of TMS Facebook and Gohaynesville Shale.

Mr. Wilson (1.20 minutes) into his oral presentation April 8th in New York basically said they were looking into stopping all of the gossip on Facebook. Good luck with that Operators. LOL

I guess their stocks had been yo yo ing up and down and they must perceive that the chatter on these two sites has an effect on their stock.

You and Skip are gonna give them a heart attack discussing deploying drones to keep up the TMS spy intel network. LOL

~ ~ John

I don't understand what the TMS operators like GDP and HK really have to worry about since they have the TMS acreage locked up and they have no competition to speak of. I guess they don't want to lose control of their ability to hide bad news and spin good news - sounds like the political establishment's modus operandi. The truth comes out in the end, but controlling how and when it comes out is something they don't like to give up? This is a large part of the distrust factor the public has for politicians and oil companies.Transparency is a dirty word in some circles but we know people are only secretive when they have something to hide - so what they engender by not liking Facebook and other TMS reports is more distrust of the oil industry. As Skip says - it is time for them to make a change and accept transparency as an improvement not an enemy.


Like the saying goes, "the best disinfectant is sunshine."

~ ~ John

I totally agree John. Manipulation is a bad thing because it is the most transparent of all their infections. I wish Washington DC would realize this too.


The the US average citizen kind of had a victory (for the time being) out in Nevada with the stand down of taking Mr. Bundy's cattle and rough shodding over him. It is amazing what can occur when the general citizenry show up armed to protect one of their own.

Additionally, it was pretty ironic that the stand down occurred within 24 hours of it being exposed that the real reason they wanted Mr. Bundy gone was due to Senator Harry Reid's Chinese deal to put a Solar Panel farm on the very same acreage Mr. Bundy was using.

However, it probably isn't over as big brother will regroup and make another run at it in the near future.

~ ~ John



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