I got a call from a friend last night saying he got a letter from Encana offering $5,000 per acre for a subdivision lot in South Bossier.  The offer was for all rights under 10,000 feet. 


I hadn't heard of Encana leasing in town since the boom.


I'm wondering how far North folks have gotten these letters.

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I would bet 16N is a far as they would be interesting in leasing.
I am aware of Encana making offers in Section 13 of 17N - 13W. I believe the same offer is being made in a couple of adjoining sections also. These offers are limited to those sections as Encana is claiming to have something like 400 acres already leased in Section 13 and likewise a substantial existing leasehold in the other two sections.
yes, i was told a person just leased to encana for 5,000 per acre. the land was in coushatta though, not south bossier.
His property is in 19-17N-12W.

Petrohawk and Chesapeake have been active in 17-12 and 17-13, but I haven't seen any recent leases to Encana.
The lease may not be recorded yet. A number of the residential lot owners in Section 13 have received the Encana offer letters. I suspect that Section 19 of 17N -12W would be one of the adjoining sections mentioned.
Encana had HA unit approved back in Jan. The unit is in 18N...


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