just recieved a letter from Encana that there is a meeting for july the 9th in Natchitoches . just woundering what this might be about?

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Back in from EnCana meeting. With only about 20 people there a rep. from Encana says that they plain to drill at least one well in each section (sec 27-29 and sec 33-34) as long as these do good then the'll add more per section up to 6.

If you're land is say in sec 5 , 4 , or 3. it just means that there close just not there now and /or that say sec 34 has no well or wells that kick then the likely hod the'll come south is a little more iffy.

There was some folks that i had meet about a year and 1/2 ago from OK that are in sec 5 --not leasted yet and hoping like a lot of people that all goes well with the sections above us. Encana least alot of land about 4 years ago for $100 and acre and these folks are hopeing that nothing happens till there lease is up. I myself am hoping for the best for them.

I traveled down hwy 71 (like old times before int 49) and saw 7 maybe 8 rigs up and running (trinidad drilling) and 9 big rigs (18 wheelers) loadded with pipe going north of
371 and 71.

Looks like and sounds like ( just to me) that activity will billed up as soon as the nat. gas
price goes up to around 5 to 6 $ pmcf any prices above this then (at least EnCana) will really start to ramp things up.

awesome info. thanks and keep us updated.
Thanks for the info. We appreciate the time you took to go to the meeting and to share the information.
Which township / range are these sections in? Is it 11N-7W or 11N-8W?


Mr. H
BB, I thought they would be in T12N-R8W since they are in Red River Parish.
les b,

i was just going off what frigingfrac said earlier in the post. i personally have know idea. so it very well could be 12-8. thanks
BB, I think the Sections 27-29 & 33-34 are in T12N-R8W while the Section 3 that FF was referring to would be in T11N-R8W.
sorry folks haven't been able to get online in a few days. Les B is correct and I will bring my map up here next time so that I don't make a post that is incorrect.
FF, thanks for the update. I will be on the look out for the EnCana filing to get a listing of the Haynesville Units.
got the map here

red tiver parich, louisiana


Lafayette, Louisiana (337)232-5004

these maps are not the best but maybe the phone # might help with any questions.


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