I own minerals subject to a lease owned solely by Bhp. Bhp is the unit operator but due to other unit Lessee's taking their unit share of gas in kind, I receive multiple royalty checks. Enduro use to pay us for their share of gas they took in kind but since their bankruptcy filing we have failed to receive a royalty check for their share of the unit gas they take in kind. Bhp continues to pay us a partial royalty payment for the unit share of gas they take in kind being approximately 75%. Has any parties had any luck in having Coert Holdings I, LLC, successor to Enduro Operating LLC pay royalties. If yes, what is the best way to proceed to get paid to current? I assume since Bhp owns 100% of the leasehold interest under my OGML that I could probably look soley to them to make us whole?


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Enduro sold all of its Haynesville assets to Comstock.  It is likely that Comstock will pick up the royalty payments previously paid by Enduro in the near future.  You might be able to confirm that through royalty relations at Comstock. 


The operator BHP is party to the contract of lease with Beto. Not so the others. BHP is producing the well, they have to pay on demand or the lease can be terminated and attorney fees paid, albeit somewhat cheaper than the attorneys would like, "forcing" them to clip the client for a percentage of any settlement. The procedure is given in LRS Title 31.


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