If you are leased with Ensight, have you been happy with their results?  Do they honor "no cost" clauses?  Please give me any compliments or complaints that you have about your experience with them.

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Bobi, I doubt you will find anyone that can provide a comment.  Ensight acquired the majority of their leases from operating companies and land companies.  There were only a small handful of leases taken directly from a mineral owner until 4/16/19 in Caddo Parish. Obviously those lessors haven't had much time to form an opinion.   I don't currently have a remote account for Bossier.

I see Bossier Assignments in 2017.  Hopefully someone will have some insight (pun intended).

You searched for wells by Ensight IV yet on SONRIS?

Ensight is trying to lease some property from me in Webster Parish. They have added a no cost provision in the last revision. I guess I won't know until they have production.

I would never expect a "no cost royalty" clause provided by an operator to hold up in court.  A "no cost" clause from an experienced law firm would be better if push came to shove.  Accepting "no cost" language from your operating company would be like trusting the key to your hen house to your local fox. It is an obvious conflict of interest.

Of course, My lawyer has been doing this for over 35 years and she handles all my leases. I've seen to many people taken advantage of the last 20 years or so.

Very good, Tony.  Many LA Haynesville lessors had to learn that the hard way.


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