Just wondering if anyone in Evangeline parish has been approached for leasing? Either Austin chalk/TMS/Wilcox....my interest just northwest of ville platte close to huge pine prairie/Easton field comprised mostly of Wilcox shallow plays...

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Not aware of leasing activity but there have been some wells permitted recently.

EVANGELINE 01 245937 CROWELL 27 019 01-FEB-13 M333 027-03S-01W 7381 PINE PRAIRIE 13000
23 EVANGELINE 01 245938 CROWELL 27 020 01-FEB-13 M333 027-03S-01W 7381 PINE PRAIRIE 13000
24 EVANGELINE 01 245969 VUA;PIERRE MCDANIEL 011 13-FEB-13 H032 044-03S-02E 9223 VILLE PLATTE 9500
Yea, that field is all Wilcox and been in existence for years.. Hoping pryme energy success in avoyelles and st Landry parish would move west toward us for Austin chalk.... Thx for reply Skip


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