Exco (Winchester) - HA RA SUB; Lattin 24 # 4/ Section 24, T14N-R14W 16,677 Mcf/day

TD: 15951'
Perfs: 12785' - 15907'
20/64 Choke

16,677 Mcd/day
129 BBls/ water
Casing pressure 7000 psig

Static pressure 1005, diff 170, line 4.029, plate 2.50, meter spring & diff range 1000 X 400
24 hour test on well meter

Comp. date 2/8/2009

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The above is the initial potential report dated 3/4, the official completion report date stamped 3/20 is as follows:

18915 Mcf/day on a 12/64" choke and 153.33 BBls water/day.

Pretty good well.
Jay, I think Exco is showing they have some really good people - both technical and management.
Jay, Exco announced the test rates as follows on 26/64" chokes

Lattin 24 #4 - 24.2 MMcfd
Oden Heirs 30 #6 - 22.9 MMcfd, 7800#

Both really excellent wells.

The Ops VP is a former Mobil guy.
Where are those wells located?
Scott, see the following info. Both wells are in the Holly Field in De Soto Parish.

Exco, Oden Heirs 30 #H6 Well, Serial #238245, S30-T14N-R13W
Exco, Lattin 24 #4 Well, Serial #238995, S24-T14N-R14W
Thanks Les....
I love this news, thank you for reporting it. Exco just today put up a rig in my section - it is the Bates 21 #1, Sec. 21 T15N R13W. They've been drilling just across the road in Sec. 27 for a couple of weeks, that one is the Crnkovic 27. Here's hoping for similar outcomes. Also good to hear that they have a good reputation.

Is there similar thickness of the shale in 16N-14W. Could the wells in this township have similar IP rates?
So it pretty much all comes down to the operator and who does a better frac job. Thanks...
Does anyone know if this is produced water or frac water?
Thomas, that would be frac water.
No, but I would be extremely interested in hearing the results.


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