Fallout From BP Disaster--What About the Other Guys?

So how would you like to be an operator who was minding their own business, drilling a well in deepwater while taking all appropriate safety precautions when you are notified by the MMS that you need to stop, secure the well, and suspend operations? Most wells in deepwater are drilled under long term rig contracts. So as an added bonus, you get to keep paying the rig contract after force majeure is declared. Once again, thanks BP.

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How many of these BP employees have been killed and injured by this incident, Texas City, and other BP calamities? How many more people will be killed by BP stupidity in the future?

How many non-BP O&G workers are going to lose their jobs because of the BP caused shutdown and other restrictions our government is now going to impose on O&G, using this oil spill as an excuse? How many US O&G jobs are going to go overseas once the Obama administration gets through using this to promote their phony "green" jobs? How many people are going to lose their non O&G jobs because of the damage BP is doing to the US economy? How many people are going to lose their jobs because Obama uses this oil spill as an excuse to destroy domestic energy production and further ruins our economy? How many more people are going to to die because BP continues to push our energy dollars overseas to fund terrorists?

How much damage is BP going to do to their own employee's jobs the next time their stupidity causes a major disaster? How much damage is BP going to be allowed to do to our economy when they have another disaster next year?

Any slack from shutting down BP in the US will be taken up by other O&G companies. Facilities will be sold off. Low level BP workers will end up working for other companies.
I am not sure why he is doing it other than the fact he may have found out there are too many that are drilling and not following guidelines. What happens if he does not shut them down and another l 2 or 3 blows. Then he takes the hit for that. I guess that is why he is where he is he probably has big shoulders to take all this negative impact on him. Yes, we all will probably suffer from this. I don't want to not be able to go see grandkids; however, there has to be a starting point of transparency. I don't at this time know how that should be done but things are cerainl;y getting out of hand. I guess we could wait like we did with the banks and take care of it then. As I told a friend, no matter who is in the White House, I am going to manage. When things are getting bad we all have to pull our belts in. I don't like it but that is the way it has always been. I certainly feel for the people in New Orleans and all around the area. I wish we could all wave the magic wan and see this thing to the end but it is a catastrophe and is one that probably won't go away for a while. Rather than start pointng fingers lets let someone try to do something different. Do the oil companies make a lot more money by going offshore? Is this why they are doing it? I know that they have to make as much money as possible, but I would hope that it would be a safe way rather than just doing it. There are so many things out that they knew this was a problem several months ago. Not sure if it true or not but I think that needs to be checked out.
heres what comes to my mind...
there have been far more , successful drilling and completions, than there have been accidents. honestly, dont these operators as a whole have a very good track record? can anyone recall any other accident of this type in the GOM? large or small? it reminds me of why it is safer to travel by plane instead of automobile. statistically, it's just safer. i am personally choosing to believe the poor guy that was on 60 minutes. according to him a joystick got bumped while the BOP was engaged, forcing a section of pipe through the closed unit, thus damaging the unit. poor decisions thereafter, lead to the actual blowout. why punish the whole class because of one bad apple.
kj - You selectively omit the rest of the story. When senior supervision was told that chunks of rubber were coming back up, the guys in the trenches were told to push on as there had already been too much time & money lost.

Let's see, did we want all the collateral damage from this spill or did we want BP to stop, take a look, lose the shareholders a few more pennies in dividents? I would say it's a no-brainer.

So, who among you all have gone down and volunteered to help clean up? Oh, wait, that's right, you just want to go fishing. bummer

What I also find to be incredibly insensitive and ignorant sounding is the comparison of the magnitude of the spill to the magintude of a car wreck or plane crash.

really??? perhaps you should read my statement again!
it reminds me of why it is safer to travel by plane instead of automobile. statistically, it's just safer...
does this really sound like i am comparing the oil spill to the magintude of a car wreck?
dont know why your picking on me today.... ohhh, and you also think i selectively omit the rest of the story.? really sesport.
Because the title of this topic is "Fallout from the BP Disaster." If you're going to be glib and try to minimize the impact by rationalizing with apples and oranges, you open yourself to serious criticism.

As for picking on you, this is only my third post directly to you. Kinda blowing it out of proportion to say 2 previous posts constitute picking on you.

If it wasn't selective omission, what would you call it?

ses, the title topic also says " What About the Other Guys?" how, if i may ask, have i minimized the impact of the disaster?

i light heartedly made the comment about you picking on me because you were directly critical of my post.

selective omission??? do you think i work for the BP damage control office? i think everyone saw the 60 minutes expose. if they didnt i provided a link for anyone who missed it to watch it on demand. i simply did not see the point in re-reporting an old story.

just curious... when do you start you haz-mat training so you can go help clean up the beach?

kj - I take the term "other guys" to be quite broad and far reaching. Ripples are headed your way as we post. Remember the coal mine explosion, cattle-gate, well blow outs, water well contamination? Remember the EPA?

As for the list of things affected by the environmental impacts, it would be too long for me to post here, not to mention it turns my stomach. I'll let you do your own research if you're wondering.

Your the one who held up the 60 Mins. piece, selectively omitting the crucial part. The employees told supervisors what happened, execs ignored the gut instincts of those who know best what's going on.

So then I "light heartedly" gigged ya for seeming overly sensitive. 80)
This is a game changer. Unless a handful of very negligent people are fingered then the technology of deep sea drilling will be blamed. Personally, I'm hoping it's a handful of folks who screwed up. However, most people suspect the technology for fixing problems with the deep sea rigs is not as good as the technology to drill them. I hope it does not call into question other deep drilling efforts.

I was in my 20's when Three Mile Island happened and you could just see the nuclear power industry going down day by day. We haven't kept up with the technology since then. Europe has. IMO that would be the worst outcome, the loss of the motivation to drill for our own oil and gas.

PS: not to mention the disaster of the BP chairman who is an upper class Brit. They often look down on we "colonists". Yes, I hope he "gets his life back" after this "tiny hole" is plugged. (recent quotes)
Hey,I'm hearing that they are shutting the other gas/oil wells down in the gulf due to fumes? Will we see a step up in production in the Haynesville Shale? Soemthing has got to keep it going..
Asset seizure, receivership, trustee appointment, criminal civil forfeitrure---whether to
backstop liability or to protect
our nations lands and waters, appear to be potentially viable
options. Those who want to continue drilling obviously must have the technology to contain this mess else would they actually clamor to keep drilling?


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