Fallout From BP Disaster--What About the Other Guys?

So how would you like to be an operator who was minding their own business, drilling a well in deepwater while taking all appropriate safety precautions when you are notified by the MMS that you need to stop, secure the well, and suspend operations? Most wells in deepwater are drilled under long term rig contracts. So as an added bonus, you get to keep paying the rig contract after force majeure is declared. Once again, thanks BP.

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"plug the the damn hole" Is just a small insight to how ineffective this administration has been from top to bottom. You got a clueless oil company in BP, and you have even a more clueless administration. These are the two main ingredients you need for a natural disaster. Those who rely on government to solve their problems are doomed by it. This six month moratorium on drilling is knee jerk reaction by an administration who sees their poll numbers going down quickly . Like everything else, little or no thought has been put into the consequences of what a shut down like this might mean.
At least there wasn't a take over of the industry, huh?
But then if the government can turn drilling on or off by order?
"Like everything else, little or no thought has been put into the consequences of what a shut down like this might mean."

lol, Like everything isn't shutting down on the Gulf already? You made your plans yet for your annual fishing trip?

As long as BP pays for the cleanup, restoration and makes reperations for damages, why should we get the silly government involved?
Can u say exxon valdeze?
The various forms of receivership, whether private or govt run, whether civil or criminal, whether as apart of a civil or criminal investigation or prosecution, and whether in or out of bankruptcy, historically r used when a company is running a tab it can't pay and/or it engaged in conduct for which it is responsible it allowed such. The BP disaster is just that. BTW, solvent companies have gone thru this for these types of reasons in the past. Not unlike a pre-judgment asset seizure and/or ffreeze which issues while a lawsuit is pending. And just like civil forfeiture for criminal conduct which BTW occurs every day in this country even when there is no indictment much less conviction.
Check the one bad apple before throwing out the whole bunch.
Seems to me, the better option would be to unleash an army of inspectors on these deep water rigs to take inventory of the situation. Because in the end, WE pay the penalty all around. Damage in the gulf and higher prices at the pump and increase use of Saudi oil.
That's a good step. Meanwhile, the tab keeps running higher.....
Step one also should include details on companies' ability to handle a
blow out. BP indicated on it's permit application it had the ability. Oops. Guess it made a mistake. Now. Just who has the technology and ability???? Haven't seen any yet.....
caliente, the existing technology, when used properly, is proficient i believe. otherwise wouldn't this have happened sooner and more often? to me the question is how do you eliminate human idiotology? not sure if that is a word, but i mean people making poor decisions. human error lead to the blow-out not equipment failure. yes, the equipment failed, but only after the human errors were allowed to damage the equipment. probably wont matter anyway as there will be virtually no future drilling in the gulf anyway.
Human error never can be eliminated. Thus, when the risk of harm
is such that the harm, if it occurs, is so vast that it will devastate a body of water and coastline and wetlands etc, there ha better be a plan B for the worst case scenario. Else, don't do it period.
Who, granted the permit, and when?


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