Can anyone tell me what is going onwith the locations in northern Sabine co.  0n f.m. 330 between hwy 87&21? about 200 yards after I turn off 87 towards 21 Is a Chesapeak location that has recently been drilled. There was a workover rig on there this morn. and was gone this afternoon. Maby set tubing and getting ready to send gas down the sells line. I heard that it is a good one. Also it has a gas cooler on the location and I have never seen that on any surronding counties. Also 2/10 of a mile on 330 towards 21 on Anthoney lane is the Rowan rig#53 that is drilling. Approx. three miles on up from hwy 87 on the left is a just completed pad that is the largest on land pad that I have ever seen. My son was with me and we both worked locations for Anadarko in the Jasper& woodville area and he also said  the same. The pad is big!! I live about 4 miles south of 330 and our lease has expired with Crimson. Seems to be a lot of activity for 3.70 gas prices Thanks and heres hoping.

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Pudgie, that is the Richards GU SBN #1H.  It's a Chesapeake well and they finished drilling about the last week of August so if they have completed it they are moving right along.  The well further out 330 is probably the West Ingram GU SBN #1H (west of 330).  They also have a permit on the east side of 330 for the East Ingram GU SBN #1H. All of the activity in the county is on Chesapeake permits right now and your location 3 miles north (@ the county line?) doesn't have a permit on it yet.  Keep us posted if you see anything new up there and thanks for the report.
Thanks jeffery for the info. I am not sure what you meant by my location but our land that we had leased to crimson is just south of reeves creek rd. on chambers rd. about 4 miles south of 330 off hwy 87Thanks again
my mistake jfree. I was writing about the large pad which is the east ingram GU SNB and I did say north 3 miles hwy 87.sorry
Yea, lots of people have leases expiring now.  I don't know what to expect, besides more of the same, if the price of gas doesn't improve. That's pretty interesting that they are building such a large pad for East Ingram.  There must be more wells planned, don't you think?  
looks like the pad is large enough for multipal  drills


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