Just returning to the Discussions and am interested in any "activity" in the Fort Jesup area ... I know we are on the "edge" of most activity ... just needed to be abreast of possibilities - thanks.

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Dr. Rick, can you provide us with a section-township-range location?

Sorry about that ... this would be in Section 4, Towhship 7 North, Range 10 West (Ft Jesup area) and I need to add Section 31, Township 5 North, Range 12 West (Toledo Bend area).

Is 31-5-12 your lake house?  Looks like it's wet or very close to it.  Maybe an area that would get some looks at much higher natural gas prices.  4-7-10  probably less likely but interesting as to where it is located on the slope of Natchitoches Island. The southern extent of the Haynesville Shale has not been defined as far as any public data that I have seen.  Indigo Minerals appears to be drilling on the NW slope of the island but that's still 30+ miles north.

I like the 1215 area, green pumpkin crawworm.  Fish it slow.  :-)

Don't get to fish much ... but I"ll pass the info on to my son and grandson

Good fishing to them.  As far as interest in exploring your area for economic hydrocarbons, well that would be nice but is a decided long shot.

Yup ... 31-5-12 is the lake house area



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