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I agree with Jay. Companies like Fortress charge far too much for the service they render. There are better ways to secure a good lease and not give away the farm in the process.
What is Fortress Charging now..5%? I'd want to hide that too!
Keith. I don't know what Fortess charges currently. I do suspect that once the satisfaction of obtaining a lease has subsided a little, their clients who crunch the numbers on what they paid to get that lease will be sorely disappointed.
What are you talking about givng away a piece of bonus to a third party
Thank You.
Jim. It seems strange that major energy companies would utilize an on-line auction to sell leasehold. Is an on-line auction the preferred method?
Jim&Jay. Thanks for the insight. This is the first such divestiture of leasehold once considered prospective for the HS that I am aware of. I would be interested to know the outcome of the auction.
I just ran across something curious but quite possibly related to Encana's auction of their leasehold. One of my internet alerts pulled up a report by the Calgary Herold titled, Shell, Encana Seek Partner In Shale Project. "Royal Dutch Shell PLC and Encana Corp. are looking for a partner to develop 54,000 hectares of exploration leases in the Haynesville Shale area of Louisiana". That's it. It was just one of those teasers. Not wishing to subscribe to the Calgary Herold, I'll wait to see what other news organizations pick up the story. Of note, Calgary is the home office of Encana Corp.
The full Calgary Herold article just came across. It is quite interesting and explains more fully what Shell/Encana has in mind. And will be good news for members in that area of the play.
Skip, thanks for the post. That article seems consistent with my comment last night under a different topic.

"EnCana/Shell controls a significant amount of acreage in the southern portion of the play in Red River, Natchitoches & Sabine Parishes that will expire in the next 1 - 2 years that is not currently held by production. I believe they would priortize the acreage they can get drilled and try to sell, swap, etc the remaining acreage to other companies they may be able to drill in the available time remaining. Otherwise they will just end up losing with no value created"
Looks like you are spot on, Les. I just posted the Calgary Herold article on the main page.


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